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'Tsunami' Trojan ported to Mac's

According to this post from TechSpot, researchers have discovered that hackers have now managed to port an old Linux trojan to work on Apple’s Mac OS X platform.

“Once it is running on the host machine, it connects to an IRC channel and awaits further commands from the hackers. They can then use the combined connections of the all the computers in the botnet to flood servers with requests, bringing them down in DDoS attacks. Hackers are able to download files to the infected computer for it to update itself or install additional malware, and gives complete control of the host machine to execute any command they choose.”

Mac users seem to think that their machines are immune to any form of infection. It’s good to know that the platform really isn’t as secure as many people think. Could this be the start of a new demand of anti - virus programs for Max OS X?