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SVN to Git

Recently Ive taken the time to learn the Git version control system. Upon previously using SVN for version control, Git seems to be a lot more powerful and user friendly. But perhaps one of the best reasons to use Git is the wealth of choice in online repository services using Git compared to that of SVN.

One of the best and most popular is which provides unlimited public git repositories for free. Not bad at all.

So far my experience with Git has been very positive. Much easier branching/merging than SVN and the online documentation and support is very good. It has provoked me into making the switch from SVN to Git, or moving on with the times as many would say. Well see how it goes.

I’m also going sign up for a GitHub account. Can’t go wrong with unlimited free repositories. Hopefully it will get me into the habit of pushing everything up to online repositories which no doubt will save me one day when I accidentally delete something important.