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JdbcTemplate queryForInt() is deprecated

There is a lot of Spring documentation online which makes use of the queryForInt() and queryForLong methods of the very handy JdbcTemplate class. However, using newer versions of the Spring framework, these methods have now become deprecated (apparently this has happened from version 3.2.2).

These are the two methods affected:

public long queryForLong(String sql, Object... args) throws DataAccessException
public int queryForInt(String sql, Object... args) throws DataAccessException

I’m not sure why the designers have to decided to deprecate these two methods, but the solution (or perhaps the workaround is simple):


int result = getJdbcTemplate().queryForInt(sql, new Object[] { param });


int result = getJdbcTemplate().queryForObject(sql,  
new Object[] { param }, Integer.class);

The workaround makes use of the queryForObject method and we pass in the Integer class in order to coerce the general object into the type we desire. Similarly, for queryForLong, you can replace Integer.class with Long.class.