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Common Port Mappings

List of common ports and their uses/associated urls:

Port Application URL/Command
4000 Jekyll Serve http://localhost:4000/
9091 Transmission Web Client http://localhost:9091/
22 SSH (default) ssh ip.address
80 HTTP http://localhost
443 HTTPS https://localhost/
32400 Plex Media Server
8080 Tomcat Server http://localhost:8080/
3000 BrowserSync http://localhost:3000/
9200 ElasticSearch http://localhost:9200/
5000 Flask http://localhost:5000/
8000 Python HTTP Server python2 -m SimpleHTTPServer / python3 -m http.server
3306 MySQL Server  
25 SMTP (Postfix Mail Forwarding)  
587 SMTP (Postfix Outgoing Mail Server)