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Domain Change

So I’ve finally managed to change my domain name to It was the original one I wanted, but was unavailable when I created the site so I had to pick an alternative. But recently when I came to renew my alternative domain name, I checked the availability and I quickly snatched it up. Not before however I had already renewed my old domain name for another three years which was a bit of a waste in hindsight.

My hosting company made the change of domain names really quickly and easy. It was literally just a case of changing the domain name in a textfield and hitting ‘confirm’. The migration of this WordPress site to the new domain was a little more work but still was pretty easy. It just involved modifying a couple of the WordPress PHP configuration files along with the database itself to update the home URL.

Currently my hosting plan only includes support for one domain name, so will probably go unused unless I upgrade my plain when I next renew. I could then forward the old domain to this new one, but we’ll see how large the price jump is.

In the meantime I also need to update a load of links in my previous posts which might take a while. So some links might be broken at the moment until I fix them.